25% Discount on Customer Survey Packages

25% Discount on Customer Survey Packages

Increase Your Customer Retention

Increase Customer Retention with ASK LISTEN RETAIN’s New 25% Discount on Customer Survey Packages

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Ask Listen Retain – 25% OFF Basic and Enhanced Packages

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Ask Listen Retain – Complete Program Overview


The ASK LISTEN RETAIN (ALR) program is a revolutionary online tool aimed at gauging customer satisfaction, building customer loyalty, and enabling customer retention. This program works in combination with either telephone-based satisfaction surveys and/or online surveys to enhance customer satisfaction and address any service-related issues. ALR asks the important questions to help business owners listen and thereby retain customers. This three step approach, ASK, LISTEN and RETAIN, helps businesses increase customer loyalty, increase sales, and maximize gross profits.

ALR is now offering a 25% discount on its BASIC and ENHANCED customer survey packages. With ALR’s telephone, mobile device, and email surveys, businesses can gather valuable customer feedback to enhance customer satisfaction and to increase customer retention to ensure that each and every customer concern is addressed by a local manager, with no unhappy customers slipping through the cracks.

Don’t guess what your customers are thinking when ALR makes it easy to simply ask these customers?

It’s easy to take advantage of this discount.

1) Register now for the 25% discount by clicking 25% OFF ALR
2) Once registered, a survey specialist will contact you to discuss your customer feedback needs, including a quote with your 25% discount!

Most business owners know that it’s easier to retain customers than to attract new customers and here are a few statistics that further illustrate this point. According to Bain and Co., a 5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. Gartner Group statistics demonstrate that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of existing customers. Lee Resource Inc. has discovered that attracting new customers will cost a company 5 times more than keeping existing customers. There are plenty of additional statistics on the importance of customer retention, many of which are included on ALR’s website.

ALR knows how critical customer retention can be for business owners and takes care to make sure each survey is specifically designed according to a business’ needs. Many clients have experienced great success using ALR’s customized surveys and have shared their stories on our testimonials page.

ALR’s surveys can also be used to address other needs, such as employee and event satisfaction. Feedback data is presented live 24/7 online.

ALR shares additional customer retention tips on its blog, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.